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1 Way Ticket is a journey

A journey of love and the magic that makes you special.

Just as life, marriage is like buying a 1 way ticket to adventure, into the unknown with the best of intentions and the goal of making it an enjoyable journey.

It may sound trite, but we really mean it when we say that for us each couple is special, each couple has their own essence and story. Their unique battles and victories inspire us and we make sure to get to know them well before their wedding day. We want to make sure they feel happy and confident with us, and with this we also ensure that we will portray their personality and beauty in the most accurate way.

We are Karen and Joakim, the team behind 1 Way Ticket Weddings. Just like you, we are also a couple who got their 1 way ticket to adventure, at first joined by loved, and now we have a business together. We are both motivated by art and the beauty of the brief small instances that conform the grand in life.

photographer Karen lundquist and Joakim Lundquist kissing on the day of their wedding, backlit by the sun


I am an international photographer and film maker. I am 1 Way Ticket Weddings' main photographer, videographer and editor.

I graduated from a Master of Arts in Visual communications from the Birmingham City University in the U.K., a Master in Music Documentary from La casa del Cine Barcelona, in Spain and a photography specialisation course from the Michelangelo Institute in Florence, Italy.

Creativity is my motor and I strive to evoke the 'wow' factor in people!

Nothing makes me happier than going to work and meeting the couples I am going to photograph on the day when their dreams are coming true, being there capturing each moment and helping preserve these instances of pure love and absolute happiness for posterity, I feel so lucky!

Karen_220604_21828 web.jpg
videographer joakim lundquist


My name is Joakim and I am married to Karen. We film and take photos together and share an interest in film and photography. We are both ambitious and motivated by creating natural and beautiful results.

I am a videographer and production manager.

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